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Traditional, authentic craftsmanship


You will find a diverse selection of domestic meat products at our shop in Laukaa.

Tiituspohjan Palvari
Pieleslehdontie 10, 41310 Leppävesi, Finland

Monday – Friday: 10-17


Palvari Ky, founded by Kari Ahonen, started smoke-curing meat in Leppävesi, Laukaa, in 1984. The company changed owners at the start of the 21st century.


Contact us to order meats and other delicacies for your parties and other events. In addition to our popular smoke-cured pork, we also have other smoke-cured meats, cold cuts, fried potatoes and salads.
We can take care of both hot and cold dishes for small and large events alike.

Traditional smoke-curing

We at Tiituspohjan Palvari rely on traditional methods to bring out the best flavors of quality meat. We heat up our smoke sauna with alder and cure the meat for 40–45 hours.

Artisan meat and authentic flavors

During the smoke-curing process, which is done entirely by hand, the meats bathe in smoke, slowly becoming tender and succulent. In addition to fresh, high-quality meat, the secret of the delicious flavor is low temperature and right humidity when smoking the meat. Our skillfully prepared smoke-cured meats contain no artificial flavors – all the aromas are authentic.

We value local production, and the majority of the meat we use comes from local producers. The meat content of our traditional smoke-cured meats is 95%, and we use 1.2 kg of fresh, domestic meat for one kilogram of smoke-cured meat.


Large selection of quality meats